Friday, February 13, 2009

This Ship is Sinking...Or is it?

Because I am a working mom, I have the "privilege" to be able to leave my home everyday for a job I love: teaching. However, I am a internet junkie at heart, and I love to pretend that one day I will be a WAHM (work at home mom) again. This would mean that I would be able to attend field trips with my two school-aged daughters and attend play dates with my two (2) year old.

Budget cuts are looming in the world of education as with every other profession. I am somewhat worried that my "ship" may be sinking. What will I do? I have several back up plans. I am trying to organize my finances, and I am writing consistantly for At first, I wrote to make a little extra play money. However, my earnings seem to be rising week-by-week. I am now looking into writing for Demand Studios (eHow's parent company) at least part-time.

I am very blessed to have a good paying job that is close to home, but if I lost my job tomorrow, I still have my graduate school commitment, a great family, and a decent back up plan. In the end, I am really glad I perused a degree in English (my mom said I would never find a job. In fairness to her, this was said before the age of the Internet boom.). In short, my ship may be sinking, but I have a few sturdy life boats. If it does not sink, then I have a stable supplementary income.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Guilty Mom....

This week I started grad school again. I can't believe it's my second semester! I worry that having too many irons in the fire will have an negative impact on my three little girls. However, I know that furthering my education will show my daughters how to be strong when the going gets tough. There is no free lunch in life.

I work as a full-time teacher and I am at school until 11Pm on Mondays, but I still manage to keep it together. How, I'm not sure, but my family drives me to be the best I can be. In this economy, there is no room for indecision. I knew that I had to return to school to keep my job and to possibly get a better job in the future, so why do I feel so guilty? My two year old tells my goodbye in the morning like she is happy to see me go. This bothers me. My four year old is happy to go to an all day pre-K, this bothers me too. My six year old hates it when I am not home when she comes home from school. This really bothers me.

One year ago I was working part-time, but now times are tough and reality has stuck home. I need to work full time. What will be my legacy for my family? I hope that they see me as a mother that took responsibility and did what needed to be done for my family. I am investing in their future. I may not be a model mother, but I am a hard working mother who is not afraid to look challenge in the face and do something to better my family. I am sure to spend QUALITY time with my children even if I am dead tired. Thank goodness for an equally hardworking and understanding husband . When we are all together we THRIVE, and that is what counts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diversify Multiple Streams of Income

There are many ways in which you can make money these days. If you have an hour of extra time, you can blog, write articles or do a little of both. As a busy mom, I like to leverage my time while making extra money.I have done a few experiments, but I have found that the best way to leverage my time is to write a short how-to article for and submit it to Bukisa, and Xomba. Now I have three streams of revenue.

eHow is a how to community in which you write an article about something you know about, make friends and read and rate each others work. In addition, eHow partners with Google Adsense. Google posts advertisments on your page depending on your article content. You earn money when people read your article and click through the ads on your page.

Bukisa is based on the same content. However Bukisa is a bit diffrent due to the fact that you are page per page view rather than ad click throughs. You also get paid for refering freinds and building a network. This is huge! You will earn as much as 25% off of everone's article in your network. It is safe to say that this site has huge potential for you the writer.

The last site I submit my articles to is Xomba. I was sceptical at first, but this site has true earning power. Like Bukisa, Xomba has a referal program in which you can earn extra money from your network. The best part is that I can link posts from this blog to Xomba and get paid to do so! Xomba splits the ad profrofits between you (the writer) and them (the company) 50/50. In addition, any thing you post can earn you money as long as it has Google key words within the text. Don't worry if you are not familiar with key words, you will learn!

There you have it! My little secret to making money. Try it, you have nothing to lose because all these programs pay you! They are free. Be sure to give each program at least 90 days to let search engines pick up your articles. Have fun and good luck!

Friday, January 16, 2009

How Do You Thrive in Tough Times?

Perhaps you have been faced with a late mortgage bill or a sick loved one. With all the turmoil circulating around you , how do you survive yet alone thrive? The answer may be under your nose, and you may not even know it. As hard as life is, you have to be thankful for what you DO have rather than concentrating on what you don't have.

It may be hard to be grateful when your life has been turned upside down, but experts agree that looking on the bright side of a situation, will almost certainly lift your spirit. If you are worried about finances why not examine online money making opportunities that highlight your interests and/or strengths? When you are doing something enjoyable (like web writing), then you will most certainly make money. Happy, thriving people, create their own success that snowballs into something bigger because they are truly happy. However, they also continue to strive for the best and live the way they see fit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What a stormy day here in Western NY! As the wind howls, I am toying with the ideas of building my own website. I know that sounds difficult, but it really isn't with a program called Sitebuilt. You can veiw this program at the following link This site is like a building, hosting, and advertising package tied into one package. Read the testimonials from other work at home parents. You will see that you can truly start your own website and make decent money doing it. However, there are many facts to consider.

The first matter to consider finding your niche. What would your website entail? Do you have a product to sell, or advice to offer. If you do not have a product to sell, consider an advice website. You will make money from affiliate sponsors, Google etc. Non product websites are often very lucrative. The brain storming section on site build will help you discover your web site content and topic if needed.

The second thing to consider is who will be your audience? Are you aiming to draw in working mothers? If so, your advertising links, and content should be geared toward moms in the workplace. Whatever you decide, you will succeed and make money if you are passionate about helping other people!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Building Your Own Blog

During these tough economic times, families are looking for a way to earn money. Believe it or not, blogging is an excellent way to earn extra cash. Building your own blog is easy. There are many sites that offer free blog layouts and hosting such as this one,, and These sites make it easy for even a novice blogger to start his/her blog. allows advertising and has a gadget feature that allows Google AdSense to upload onto your blog (scroll down this page and view the Google ad-this is AdSense). Every ad hit that is received on your site will be money in your pocket. Find your niche and start blogging! Be sure to promote your blog on discussion forums, chat rooms, profiles etc. You will need to drive traffic to your site, and word of mouth is FREE! So start blogging and see what comes from it!